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Who travels alone: crazy or genius?

"I'm leaving tomorrow, you know?" "Who do you get?" "I, me and myself" "Ahahahah, come on, seriously... who's accompanying you?" "nobody, I go by myself!" "but are you crazy?" Are you familiar with this exchange jokes? For me yes, a lot: this is the opening theater...

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Location: Dolomites of Ampezzane

The whole world was a rock. Dolomites included. At least 70 million years ago when they emerged from the sea. Nowadays, they are a masterpiece of erosion that can breathe the breath of all the tourists who reach them for the most disparate reasons. At dawn and, above...

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Ischia, photographing Forio and his stories

Tifeo, the giant from the seven heads and burning eyes, was defeated by Zeus and condemned to support the island of Pithecusae. Its contortions provoked strong earthquake shakes and its tears would have generated the thermal waters and the typical fumaroles of the...

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