This is the first question you made, right?

I was asked when I started working here, and as a reader I would ask the same question.
TMTS is a tour operator, of course, but what’s different from the others?
I’ll explain it right away.

The basic concept here is the “tailor made”, like the tailoring suits, only that we are dealing with travel.
You have a budget, a goal that attracts you in your mind, the desire to go and leave, we have ideas, experience in the industry and the right knowledge to arrange a tailor made trip for you. Simple, right?

“Tailor Made” is the principle that regulates our daily work, we deal with 100% of all the facets of the requests that come to us: by structuring an itinerary to what are the reservations for overnight stays and the means for moving. We leave nothing to chance, everything is taken care of in the smallest details, we always seek the best.
We put quality in our work, because we want quality for ourselves.

It is this quality desire that differentiates Tailor Made Travel Services and the conception that we have developed on the journey.
It is not important what motivation you are pushing for, (or rather, it’s basically that you know it!).
Whether it’s the simple desire to relax, the desire to discover something new, whether you want to change air or anything else, the journey you are planning to do, the place you want to relax, the place you want to explore, you will change, will enrich you as a person.
This is important to us, exactly when it is for you.

You know, the mistake that we often do in our work is to forget that every customer, every booking number, every email you receive and every phone call you arrive is a person who is relying on the professionalism of a ‘ company.

Here we focus on this: we work for people with the awareness of how important we are doing.

Now that you know how we think about it and how we’re moving, if you want to come and visit us in Rome, it will be a pleasure to meet you! Find the address of our offices in the contact section or alternatively you can contact us on facebook or directly on instagram.

Know only that whatever the reason you contact us and the means you will use to do this, you will have the whole team at your disposal: we play in the team, have I told you?

– Alessandra Bartolomei