Tifeo, the giant from the seven heads and burning eyes, was defeated by Zeus and condemned to support the island of Pithecusae. Its contortions provoked strong earthquake shakes and its tears would have generated the thermal waters and the typical fumaroles of the island.
According to the legend, In addition, some parts of the island, now known as Ischia, such as Panza, Ciglio and Mouth, would be close to the corresponding parts of the giant body.

In addition to this, there are many legends around Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, which is proud of the marine waters between Procida and Vivara.

Characterized by the typically Mediterranean climate, Ischia Island is the perfect destination for a vacation.
In fact, the island offers everything you could want: not just beaches and spa centers, but also hiking, mountain biking and above all pearls of Italian food and wine.

Some reference locations

Ischia, the largest municipality among the six in which the island is divided, is the favorite and most popular among tourists around the world.
The port area and the hamlet of Ischia Ponte, the seat of the Aragonese Castle, has also made it the most popular town for shopping and movida.
There are a lot of tourists who are staying in the excellent accommodations in this area or who can reach it with their own boats.
A tip: before visiting the Aragonese Castle and admiring the immense panoramic view over the sea (which, if you do not go to see it, I disown you as a reader!) You should stop at the art gallery of Mario Mazzella, Ischitan artist who with his paintings made the island’s architecture known to the world.

Here are the ancient baths where Garibaldi even went to work.
The town was completely reconstructed in ’83 after the earthquake that shook the island that year.
If you are looking for a place to relax, Casamicciola’s spa centers will satisfy you with the best spa treatments. You could opt for the Castiglione Thermal Park. A funicular ride and you will find yourself at the gates of paradise among the pools, set on large terraces overlooking the sea, each with its own temperature. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy aesthetic treatments and make a sauna.

The village of Forio, on the other hand, is the symbol of the common hail.
The tower is just one of the many towers on the Forian territory to defend itself against enemy invasions: for accuracy it is 12.
In the spring you can take part in the guided tours of the Saracen lanes of the village, where many different characters lived, including Rachel Mussolini, sent here in Ischia with their children in Ischia.
And on September 12, Santa Maria’s day, in the small village on the slopes of Mount Epomeo, on the side of the town of Forio, is gathered to pray to the Madonna and to eat in the hamlet of the village with the good things prepared by the housewives. Ischitans are very hospitable people, likely to invite you to stay with them, only run the risk of bursting for how many things they will offer you.
If you go looking for breathtaking sunsets, it’s always here that you have to come, dear romantic, just here, and only while sun setting you will have the real chance to see something unique: the green ray.
No, it’s not Star Wars, it’s nature that creates much more beautiful things and with much, much anticipation on man.

Zoom: Stories

Forio is so special that I want to tell you something more than this territory.
As I chose something that was significant, I thought that no one can explain the soul of the island better than the one who has chosen to live and work.
So I have selected two stories that will do it best: Bettina Buttgen and Corbaro Park.

The atelier landed on the Ischia coast

«Bettina Buttgen is a fabric artist and, together, a textile designer: she creates wearable woven fabrics. They tease them, paint them with colors that she prepares them, paint them and design them and prepare their possible uses: they can wrap their bodies like scarves, stoles, ornaments, or knot, but can also be hanged and contemplated as pictures for their beauty and expressive intensity. Passion and valence, not only symbolic, but also poetic and sensual, tactile and visual, of its fabrics, chosen and designed as living matter, form inflamed worlds of cloth, objects loaded with narratives.»

– Eleonora Fiorani

Bettina Buttgen, ischitane for adoption, in fact, was born in Germany. His life was explained by design, craftsmanship and high fashion, stretching in fabric meters from the age of four.
Bettina had already followed grandmothers and learned to embroider and spin the wool.

Over the years he has perfected what he had learned, working as a costume designer in Germany and around Europe, and developing new and original weaving techniques. From the 90’s onwards, she came to enjoy our beautiful island with her husband and her two sons.

His bosses (although I should say his works of art), especially the most elaborate ones, are limited productions as indicated by the label and his signature. A double ‘B’ to sign the deep connection with his work and with Ischia, always ready to inspire the imagination of Bettina thanks to its history, light, nature, in a continuous and harmonious dialogue.

When you go to Ischia, you will find his atelier showroom at the Negombo Idrothermal Park, it’s been there since 2009. What you see here in photography is right in front of your atelier, trying to create it.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.00 – 13.00 18.00 – 20.30 (Sunday closed, Monday have not yet decided.)

Max, Nino and Corbaro park

Cicero wrote: “All things are born from a small beginning.”

And the surface of Ischia is 46 square kilometers. A small Eden composed of spas, parks, stories and sea. Forio is an even smaller town.
It is in this place that, about paradisiacal places, begins the story of Max and Nino and Corbaro Park.
Massimo and Gaetano are respectively interior designers and chefs.

When they met they were both deeply dissatisfied with the hours they were running through their fingers and the tight rhythms of their lives.
We all want to take our time, to live it, in the true sense of the word.
And it is this wanting to regain themselves and their life that joined some time ago Max and Nino in their “human revolution.”

The first time they saw the place they started their activity, it seemed to be in a place forgotten by everyone and everyone.

Hard to believe, but it was really before their farmhouse turned it into a natural paradise. At the top of the sea, there is a rocky rocks (Ischia is a volcanic island) between the fragrances and the colors of wonderful plants and shrubs.

The Corbaro has become a welcoming place for the mind and palate just as Nino and Max wanted: a tailor-made paradise on the Citara Bay.

On the facebook page of the Corbaro, where their smiles stand out as images, the reviews speak clear: sympathy, availability, service quality and products. In addition, with the production line at km 0 and the imagination of Nino, the dishes served are all very good, from the more elaborate to the bread and to the chopsticks and cheeses, most goats.

Here the protagonists, in fact, are them: the goats!
A flock that counts forty or so specimens of Rossa Mediterranea, a very old breed and nothing more than simple to breed: Max and Nino had to learn to understand their needs, rhythms, and often the mood of Cecilia, Ilaria , Nancy and all the others.

As you have understood, at Corbaro, every goat has its own identity, its complex character and, consequently, its name, so much so that at the time of milking to Max and Nino simply call them: they are goats educated, respect the row, waiting for their turn.

After milking, the milk is transported to the seafront laboratory, where the entire process of dairy production will take place.
And there are many ways to work with the curd, as many as the kinds of cheese you can produce.
Caciotta, ricotta, first salt, tomino … They all have a common feature: they are delicious and tasty.
Moreover, Nancy and the other goats graze in a chestnut tree at 400 meters s.l.m. in Santa Maria al Monte, between the bells and the smells of the woods and the sea,
(Missing right Heidi).

I can only add that the ferragosto menu was something divine: for the palate, for the spirit, for everything.

As I told you, Ischia is not just an island where there are spas and cement: it is sea, perfumes, harmony, love, tranquility and good food.
Max and Nino, Bettina Buttgen and their activities are a living and daily testimony.

And you? When are you enjoying the air out there?

– Alessandra Bartolomei