“I’m leaving tomorrow, you know?”
“Who do you get?”
“I, me and myself”
“Ahahahah, come on, seriously… who’s accompanying you?”
“nobody, I go by myself!”
“but are you crazy?”

Are you familiar with this exchange jokes?
For me yes, a lot: this is the opening theater for a masterpiece of stereotyped questions and comments that are told to those who decide to embark on a solitary journey.
This article is especially for TE, who only shares and you always hear the same things, because no, you are not the only one, and for TE, you just can not imagine how to travel alone.

Here are some ‘basic’ comments:

“But if you’re alone, why do you want to leave?”

I think this question is about the idea of ​​”Surely he has already booked everything and does not want to throw the money”.
We break the myth: those who decide to travel by themselves do not do it by default. An experience like this one chooses.
Everyone, of course, has its reasons … Who to chase the dream of a life, who to find out who to find himself, who to explore a cultural reality totally opposed to his … I can tell you that such a decision it never comes from ” having to content ”, indeed, much more often, a solitary journey depends precisely on the fact that you do not want to be satisfied more .

“Are not you afraid?”

Fear of what, exactly? Of loneliness? No!
Traveling alone? Not even!
Fear is a thing you leave home at the very moment you prepare your luggage. Are you losing? Ask for information. When traveling alone, there is always someone willing to give you a hand: from the big metropolis to the remote border village wherever you are.

“And when do you get bored, how are you doing?”

Boredom? What? is something to eat?
Personally I can make it an adventure even to get from Pescara to Rome.
You know, embarking on a solitary journey is extremely challenging: places to see, people to know, curiosities to be met. Never mind that there may be so many unforeseen circumstances you have to be prepared to cope, always keeping in mind that you could also deal with opportunities!
It’s really hard to get bored. I never even thought of it!

“But it’s ugly to eat alone”

Do you have a vague idea of ​​how many courses you enter and a table with a single cover? The food is faithful, the food never disappoints!
Seriously, when you eat is a time when you relax, it is very difficult for you to feel “sad”: you continue to travel even sitting at a table, between the flavors of the place and the thoughts. And often even among the tales of people.
To say, in Florence, I found myself at the table next to a woman whom I simply wondered if she was bothered to smoke. Five minutes later I knew he was originally from Jesolo, worked in a clothing shop, had a daughter, and that her neighbor was not very friendly to her.
In Helsinki, after half an hour that I had entered a pub, a boy came to ask me if I wanted to spend the evening with him and his other friends. Bjorn studied at the faculty of biological sciences at the “Viiki Campus”, his family is in a town called Halli, if I do not remember badly, and his mother is German.

I could list many more.
But the substance of what it means to travel alone is intrinsically linked to adventure, the deep will to understand, to know, themselves and others through their own sensations. It will always be different from traveling with someone else.
Henry David Thoreau wrote: “The man who only travels can leave today, but those traveling together must wait for the other to be ready.”
So you want advice? If that’s what you hear, do it.
And if you need assistance, We are here!

Alessandra Bartolomei